Vagabond by Juka - pop up restaurant Abidjan

Taste of C么te d’Ivoire 馃嚚馃嚠 X Vagabond by Juka

When I embarked on the food blogging journey 10 years ago, I had no idea that it would lead me to what I am doing today !

Indeed, my role as an amplifier has been so rewarding. I simply love the fact that I am able to use my platforms to share other people's Food Stories and promote their business.

I can鈥檛 stress enough how grateful I am to have been selected as a Narrative Champion by the narrative change organization Africa No Filter.

Part of our collaboration involved engaging in conversations with female chefs and I added a little twist to that by also talking to passionate women in charge of food businesses.

You can watch my conversations with :

Dj茅n茅ba Ke茂ta : Owner of Africaf茅 - The Coffee Shop with an African Twist

Allison A茂dam : An Ivorian Chef聽

Cheffe Allison Aidam
Allison & Afrofoodie
Africaf茅 Abidjan
Afrofoodie & Dj茅n茅ba

Selecting Vagabond by Juka to be part of this new series of content was a no brainer.

It is co-founded by a young woman, her business is fairly new to the food scene here in Abidjan and there are absolutely no limits to their creativity. My hope as an amplifier is to bring to light who they are, what they offer and what drives this small team to do what they do with love !

What is Vagabond by Juka ?

Just to give you a little introduction because you will get the chance to know more about them in the video below; Vagabond by Juka was initially launched as an Afro-fusion pop-up restaurant in Abidjan, the economic capital of C么te d鈥橧voire.

If you are not familiar with the term 鈥淎fro-fusion鈥; it is a style of cooking that involves the combination of different ingredients and techniques of traditional African cuisines with other cuisines from different cultures.聽

They eventually diversified their services to include personalized and private diners for their clients at the location of their choices.

We got the chance to experience a full 8 course meal in the privacy of our own home and we absolutely loved it !

If you are curious to know the meaning of Juka. It鈥檚 a word in Mandinka, a language spoken in some West African countries and it can be defined as the 鈥渢op of a tree that surpasses the others".聽

On that note, I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did !

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