The 3 C’s of Food Photography!

The 3 C’s of Food Photography !

Blogging has taught me so much! I am a much more creative person that I was when I started 8 years ago and I am also proud to say that my food photography skills have significantly improved. For me, it has always been imperative that I use my own pictures to illustrate my blog as well as on my social media platforms. Although I am no expert and these may be basic tips for a “real” photographer, here are my 3 C’s of food photography.


I am fond of colorful pictures.  If you take a quick look at my Instagram feed, that’s probably the 1st thing that will pop-up! Food is usually so interesting to shoot thanks to the different colors and textures. However, you could always play around with props such as glasses, tablecloths or napkins if necessary. In order to avoid tampering with the colors of the food itself, you will need natural light! For example, if you go to a restaurant, you can simply sit by a window like in this picture.


Usually associated with composition in food photography or photography generally speaking is the term “rule of thirds”. Now I won’t even try to get technical and start diving into it but I could simply tell you this: try to create as much balance as possible in your picture and draw attention on your subject. For example, in this picture I wanted to draw the viewer’s eye to the water jug.

The 3 C’s of Food Photography!

Unlike colors and composition, creativity is totally subjective. These pictures are good examples of the 3 C’s and how the last one is completely up to you. The colors do pop up not only because of the items but also due to the fact that I took the pictures right by the kitchen window ( natural light remember ? ) . As far as creativity is concerned, I played around the angles, the props, the subjects and tadaaaa 😃

I still have so much to learn when it comes to photography AND food photography and I can’t wait to share what I will continue to learn along the way.

Do you love food photography? If so, feel free to drop your instagram handle or website in the comment section below.

The 3 C’s of Food Photography!
The 3 C’s of Food Photography!
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