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3 reasons why I would return to Ghana!

I have a bucket list of countries I would like to explore in Africa and Ghana is one of them. In my blog post “Will you travel for food in Africa”, I didn’t include Ghana because my goal is to discover this destination beyond its culinary culture.

As of matter of fact, I have already been to Accra on several occasions; 4 if I remember correctly. Alas, all these trips were business related except for a 6 hours’ overnight layover on my way to South Africa. The bottom line is…I have NEVER properly explored Accra, let alone Ghana and I can’t wait to do so!

Here are 3 reasons why I would return to Ghana !
Ghanaian Cuisine

Let me start by saying that I was “kindly” warned about the Ghanaian cuisine. I have been told numerous times that I will be disappointed.

As far as I am concerned, tasting the local food whenever I visit a destination is part of the full experience.

Instead of scaring me, this information really spiked my curiosity and I definitely “chopped” & enjoyed some Ghanaian food. Have you ever tried Banku* or Kenkey* with Shito & fried fish? Well I did and liked it.

However, my knowledge about the Ghanaian culinary heritage and history is very limited and I am definitely willing to learn more. Street food to fusion, I want to taste it all!

Ghanaian People

Linked to my previous point, interacting with locals over their cuisine is an absolute must for me. Thanks to both my YALI & Chevening experiences, I know so many awesome individuals in Ghana. In addition, thanks to social media there are more bloggers, content creators, chefs that I have virtually connected with and would love to meet in real life.

Just to name a few, I am looking forward to :

Ghanaian Culture and Tourism

Ghana’s Castle and forts have been designated as World Heritage Monuments and I would love to visit some of them. Also on my list are some of Ghana’s national parks and national monuments!

I would love to hear from you! Have you ever been to Ghana? if yes, what was the highlight of your trip & more important would you return to Ghana ?

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