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3 Reasons why I am excited about the consistency challenge!

What鈥檚 the consistency challenge you may ask? Creating content on a regular basis is not a walk in the park, whether it鈥檚 for your Instagram account, YouTube channel or your own blog. It鈥檚 the reason why Mattie James launched the #ConsistencyChallenge in May 2020 in order for us content creators to commit to doing THE …

[TV] Made in Africa聽: Gastronomy in Abidjan
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[TV] Made in Africa聽: Gastronomy in Abidjan

Abidjan is truly a cosmopolitan city! One of the great things about being a foodie in Abidjan is the fact that its culinary scene; one of the most diverse of West Africa is constantly evolving. Indeed, one can easily 鈥渢ravel across the world without leaving the restaurant鈥檚 table鈥. Even though, some of you may think …

Valentine's Day escapade at "La Baie des Sir猫nes"
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Valentine’s Day escapade at “La Baie des Sir猫nes”

There are many beautiful sights in C么te d’Ivoire yet many remain unknown by the Ivorians. Among the most popular destinations we can always quote Grand-Bassam, an Unesco heritage site with the advantage of being the town next door to Abidjan or Yamoussoukro, the capital of C么te d’Ivoire and home to one of the architectural gem …

Things to do in Abidjan 鈥 4 places to visit at Ile Boulay
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4 places to visit at Ile Boulay 馃嚚馃嚠

Things to do in Abidjan? It鈥檚 probably one of the first sentence that鈥檚 typed in google when one is getting ready for a trip in C么te d鈥橧voire 聽. Although Abidjan as the capital is probably the first destination that comes in mind, there are other cities located within a 2 hours鈥 drive which are equally …