Yasmine Fofana and Kojo-Bentum Williams of Voyages Afriq
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Introducing the VA Tourism Podcast !

Whilst Item13 is my favorite African Food Podcast, the brand-new VA Tourism show hosted by Kojo-Bentum Williams is my favorite African Travel and Tourism Podcast. Voyages Afriq鈥romoting Africa to the World! Voyages Afriq is a Travel and Tourism media with a compelling interest in promoting Africa to the World. They do so by providing comprehensive …

How to Eat like a local鈥hile traveling ! Tips by Afrofoodie
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How to Eat like a local鈥hile traveling!

鈥淚f you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might as well stay home鈥 I love that quote and I couldn鈥檛 agree more with it. Culinary experiences are essentials when I travel and I firmly believe that there isn鈥檛 a better way to appreciate a country and its …

Culinary trip to Barcelona
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I travel for Food鈥arcelona Edition 馃嚜馃嚫 | Part II

It鈥檚 essential for me to eat like a local when I travel鈥 travel for food! My trip to Spain occurred 2 summers ago yet I am still reminiscing about its cuisine, the things I learned and the food I tasted. Let鈥檚 continue our Culinary trip to Barcelona, shall we? If you missed Part I: Read …