Africa No Filter | Partnership with Afrofoodie
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Promote African Gastronomy with Africa No Filter

Saying that I am excited to partner with Africa No Filter at the beginning of this year would be an understatement.  Becoming a narrative champion to promote African Gastronomy in Francophone West Africa is the culmination of 10 years worth of work as a food lover, storyteller and culinary content creator as well as a …

A Tour of African Gastronomy
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“Gastronomy – A new image of Africa”| UNWTO African Gastronomy Series

My Love for our continent is intrinsically linked to my love for our cultures and our cuisines and there was no better way for me to celebrate #AfricaDay than to talk about African Gastronomy. Following the launch of the publication “A tour of African Gastronomy”, the UNWTO has been consistently promoting African Gastronomy and its …

Taste of Côte d'Ivoire | Where to eat in Grand-Bassam ? | For the Love of Ivorian Food !
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UNWTO’s Invitation to join a tour of African Gastronomy

As a proud advocate of Culinary Tourism also known as Gastronomy Tourism, I couldn’t be happier to read and to share one of the most recent UNWTO’s publication: A Tour of African Gastronomy. Gastronomy has always been a topic of interest of the UNWTO. Indeed, among many other projects {i.e. Events, Meetings, Campaigns}, they have …

Yasmine Fofana and Kojo-Bentum Williams of Voyages Afriq
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Introducing the VA Tourism Podcast !

Whilst Item13 is my favorite African Food Podcast, the brand-new VA Tourism show hosted by Kojo-Bentum Williams is my favorite African Travel and Tourism Podcast. Voyages Afriq…Promoting Africa to the World! Voyages Afriq is a Travel and Tourism media with a compelling interest in promoting Africa to the World. They do so by providing comprehensive …