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My Favorite Netflix Food Shows!

I am food and travel enthusiast…as a matter of fact when I travel, I travel for food. Since traveling is definitely not an option at the moment, I have been binging on my favorite Netflix food shows & here they are :

Somebody Feed Phil | My Favorite Netflix Food Shows

What’s the show about?  Creator Phil Rosenthal travels around the world to taste various cuisines.

Why I love it?  That’s culinary tourism at its best! Phil has such a witty personality which makes the show so amusing to watch.

Phil traveled from Buenos Aires to Marrakesh and I am looking forward & hoping to seeing him in one West African country one day 🙂

Nadiya’s Time to Eat | My favorite Netflix Food Shows !

What’s the show about?  Nadiya Hussain who is the winner of the 6th series of The Great British Bake Off among so many other achievements share stress-free and easy-to-make recipes one episode after the other.

Why I love it?  She is like that really cool chick that everyone could relate to especially if you are a busy working mom as well! Honestly, even if you don’t like cooking just looking at Nadiya in her kitchen { which I love by the way } inspires you to replicate the dishes in yours.

Salt Fat Acid Heat | My favorite Netflix Food Shows !

What’s the show about? In just 4 episodes, US Chef and Food Writer Samin Nosrat takes us on a journey to discover how the elements { Salt, Fat, Acid and Heat } greatly impact cuisines & cultures around the world.

Why I love it? Well, first of all, I love that it was based on her book and turned into a food docuseries while exploring Italy, Japan, Mexico and California. In addition, I learned so much while watching the show as she communicates her passion and knowledge with us.

I would love to hear from you ! What's your favorite among all the Netflix Food Shows ?

*Photo credit of the cover : BBC UK

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