[TV] Made in Africa : Gastronomy in Abidjan
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[TV] Made in Africa : Gastronomy in Abidjan

Abidjan is truly a cosmopolitan city!

One of the great things about being a foodie in Abidjan is the fact that its culinary scene; one of the most diverse of West Africa is constantly evolving. Indeed, one can easily “travel across the world without leaving the restaurant’s table”.

Even though, some of you may think that I am a little biased on this one, the truth of the matter is there are hundreds of restaurants in the city among which you can find Ethiopian, Vietnamese, Japanese and even Malagasy cuisines.

That was the theme of the latest episode of the show “Made in Africa” in which I was given the opportunity to participate in. In other words: Mama, I made it! {to national television}.

Many thanks to Marc Kouho and the team of Elephant Africa as well as the owners of the following restaurants: L’Océan, Oishi Sushi and Migrations.

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