healthy cuisine in Abidjan
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Looking for healthy cuisine in Abidjan?

Let’s start the year on a healthier note, shall we? Although, I am not a big fan of resolutions, in 2019 I thought I should make an exception and consider adopting healthier habits especially in my foodie life. I started the year by reducing my meat consumption and I will continue on the “healthier” path by being more careful in my choices of restaurants.

While eating healthier may have a different meaning for each and every one of us, I am certain that you would enjoy this blog post which highlights my experiences while looking for healthy cuisine in Abidjan.

Ma Ligne Gourmande

healthy cuisine in Abidjan
healthy cuisine in Abidjan

Ma Ligne Gourmande might just become your happy place if you are looking for nutritious yet delicious meals. In a simple but beautifully decorated space, you will immediately feel comfortable. I think it is safe to say that Ma Ligne Gourmande is killing the healthy food game with a continuously updated menu mainly constituted of sandwiches, organic products and gourmet salads.  I must admit, I immediately liked this place.

If you recall, I had mentioned how I had stumbled upon it in 2017 in my post: My top 5 Instagrammable places in Abidjan.

My friend Saraounia and I recently went there for breakfast and some of our go-to include their avocado and chia seeds toasts, their Greek yogurt with honey, fruits and granola which is perfect for two people.

healthy cuisine in Abidjan

Phone number : +225 08 01 13 91

Facebook & Instagram 

healthy cuisine in Abidjan

Oasis Restaurant & Poke Bar

Even though Poke bowls were the big healthy food craze in 2016, they are still trending till this day.  Up until my recent culinary experience at Oasis Restaurant & Poke Bar, I had never tasted a poke bowl before in Abidjan.

Make no mistake, there are other things on the menu such as wraps and vegan dishes but this will definitely remain my go-to place for poke bowls in the city. I have fallen in love for the “Poke Gourmand” composed of tiny pieces of beef, green beans, cashew nuts, a mix of vegetables, sesame and Fonio. My friend went for the “Healthy Poke” composed of tofu, guacamole, red onions, cucumber, salad and wasabi nuts.

If you have not been to this restaurant yet, I highly recommend it.

healthy cuisine in Abidjan
healthy cuisine in Abidjan

How much does it cost ?

Small bowl : 5000 CFA Francs

Maxi Bowl : 6500 CFA Francs

Phone number : +225 88 68 88 88

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Healthy Box

I know! I know! I am cheating a little bit on this one. Indeed, Healthy Box is not a restaurant per say but not mentioning it in this post would not be right either. Healthy Box was launched in 2018 by Farah, a nutritionist whose goal is to make it easier for people to commit to a healthier lifestyle. She believes that it does not necessarily goes hand in hand with dieting. Her lunch boxes are not only healthy (no doubt there!), but also colourful and most importantly flavourful.

How does it work?

Every week, she designed a new menu which is then shared on social media for us to choose. You have to order at least a day in advance and your healthy box will be delivered to your door steps before 11am.

I have tasted three different boxes: Asian Chicken Noodle, Vegan Rainbow Club sandwich and Bobun and my fav’ was definitely the Bobun.

healthy cuisine in Abidjan

Photos credits : Facebook Page Healthy Box Abidjan 

How much does it cost ?

One box : 7000 CFA Francs

Weekly subscription : 35 000 CFA Francs { Monday to Friday }

Order a day in advance

Phone number : +225 07026947

Facebook | Instagram

healthy cuisine in Abidjan
healthy cuisine in Abidjan
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