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The search for the best lemon tart in Abidjan

I would like to think that I am definitely not hard to please…on any given day a good slice of cheesecake, churros or a lemon tart would make me the happiest foodie on earth. A lot of restaurants in Abidjan have lemon tarts on their dessert menus BUT are they all yummy ? That’s the question !

In this post, I am just sharing the ones that I liked so far & where to find them in the city:

From Des Gâteaux & du Pain

Definitely one of my favorite. It has this perfect combination of sweet and tart although sometimes it may be sweeter. What I LOVE in tarts is the crust and this one takes the cake!

Des Gâteaux & du Pain is usually my go-to bakery for any sweets and/or birthday cakes as well.

From Migrations

The lemon tart from the restaurant Migrations is not only aesthetically pleasing but tasty as well. The filling is somewhat smoother than the one from Des Gâteaux & du Pain.

This restaurant is one of my favorite: READ HERE !


From L’Océan

The lemon tart from the restaurant L’Océan has this smooth lemon curd filling and golden swirls of meringue that makes it both Instagrammable & so appetizing!

Besides, I have so far never been disappointed every time I went to this restaurant!

Calling all lemon pie lovers…do you have an absolute favorite in the city that I must taste? Please share!!!

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