New on Afrofoodie : An A to Z Guide to Ivorian Cuisine !
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Introducing Taste of Côte d’Ivoire…

I am happy to introduce the "Taste of...series" by Afrofoodie. A new series of content promoting African Gastronomy and our rich culinary heritage in Francophone West Africa. This new series is brought to you by yours truly in collaboration with Africa No Filter : a narrative change organization that supports the development of nuanced and contemporary stories about the African continent. 

Taste of Côte d’Ivoire : An A to Z Guide to Ivorian Cuisine 

We invite you to embark on a culinary journey to explore the mouthwatering dishes you must taste in Côte d’Ivoire and the best street foods you cannot miss out on. In addition, this series will feature conversations about African Gastronomy with young and talented chefs, proud ambassadors of our cuisines to the world.

Why Taste of Côte d’Ivoire ? | An A to Z Guide to Ivorian Cuisine

When I was living in both the US and the UK, I remember being asked on various occasions to describe some of our staple dishes. The question “What is the food like in Côte d’Ivoire” kept coming up every time I would introduce myself and where I was from.

Though several articles have been written on African cuisine being the next gastronomic trend or the rise of African cuisine, the truth of the matter is people around the world are still unfamiliar with our food culture, let alone specific dishes from the 54 countries. 

Chances are…they perhaps have heard about Jollof rice because of the ongoing battle between Ghanaian Jollof vs Nigerian Jollof,but that's pretty much about it.

As a proud advocate of culinary tourism, I want to learn, explore and showcase the Ivorian Food Culture to the world starting off with this A to Z Guide to Ivorian Cuisine.

There are more than 60 ethnic tribes in Côte d’Ivoire and each one of them has a particular way of cooking, its own staple meals and history behind them…and this new content is an invitation to delve into one bite at a time.

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Taste of Côte d'Ivoire | Where to eat in Grand-Bassam ? | For the Love of Ivorian Food !
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