Fun Food Talk with Bibi on the 5Drive | 5FM Radio Station
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Fun Food Talk with Bibi on the 5Drive | 5FM Radio Station

I can literally talk about Food ALL DAY – EVERY DAY, so when I was asked if I wanted to be featured on a South African Radio show to share my passion for Ivorian and African cuisine I didn’t even hesitate one second.

Remember how they always say your network is your net worth? Well, it’s absolutely true and here is one more example to prove it!

In 2019, I was selected to join the 2nd cohort of the AWEC Program: 200 women out of a pool of 1630 talented and highly qualified applicants. If you are not familiar with this program, AWEC stands for African Women Entrepreneurship Cooperative and it’s an amazing opportunity to boost your career, business and/or turn your ideas into reality.

As part of this program which lasted a full year, I met and collaborated with Ashleigh Dlamini, Founder of Meraki Marketing and she is the one who put me in touch with Bibi and the rest is history as they say!

Fun Food Talk with Bibi on the 5Drive | 5FM Radio Station

Talking to her was literally the highlight of my week! It was a Fun Food Talk all throughout…from me starting the 1st food blog of Côte d’Ivoire in 2012 to sitting in the same room with President Obama in 2016.

Among other topics, we also:

I fell in love with South Africa in 2015 and talking to Bibi just brought so many memories but also sparked my curiosity for more adventures. I learned about Mopane worms, Giyani in the Limpopo region, Heritage Month and the Heritage Tour they recently did. I literally cannot wait to go back!

You can check out their journey on both their Facebook or Instagram accounts.

Listen to our Fun Food Talk HERE!

Again, many thanks for having me Bibi!

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