Prisca Gilbert

Food’Story #1 : Prisca Gilbert

One of the reason why I love blogging is the opportunity to connect and engage with talented individuals with whom I share this passion for Food. Along this amazing journey, I had the chance to meet Chefs, bloggers, content creators or just culinary enthusiast whose stories were beyond inspiring and that’s how Food’Story was born.

From the very beginning, Food’Story was designed to be a video project : interviews with Chefs and Food Entrepreneurs passionate about anything food related. While searching its ideal format, Food’Story was launched in the form of text interviews and featured:

  • Kizi also known as Bouffista; she is a private chef, Food Blogger and Travel lover based in the US ;
  • Saran Koly; a talented lady passionate about culture and Editor-in-Chief of Fields Mag based in Burkina Faso ;
  • The dynamic duo behind the pop-up Ethiopian restaurant “Gursha Abidjan”.

Food'Story by Afrofoodie

In collaboration with Philippe Loret Studios, Food’Story as I originally wanted it was launched in May 2017.  This interview with Chef Prisca Gilbert marks the beginning of a series of Food’Stories and many other projects that are close to my heart.

Chef Prisca Gilbert is talented Chef, Businesswoman, mother of two with such a pleasant and engaging personality and here is her story.

Food'Story by Afrofoodie

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