Moulaye Fanny | Food'Story by Afrofoodie

Food’Story #2 : Moulaye Fanny

Moulaye Fanny | Food'Story by Afrofoodie
Food'Story #2 : Meet Moulaye Fanny !

One of the reason why I love blogging is the opportunity to connect and engage with talented individuals with whom I share this passion for Food. I have been blogging for the past 7 years and along this amazing journey, I have had the chance to meet Chefs, bloggers, content creators or just culinary enthusiast whose stories were beyond inspiring and that's how Food'Story was born.

Our guest for this second episode of Food’Story describes himself as a pastry enthusiast which we definitely understand after a spending second on his blog « Sweet and Treat » and his Instagram account « Dimples_man ». His motto? « Bake the world a better place » or in other terms making us hungry with his mouth-watering food photos and recipes.

Without further ado, here is the interview of this talented Ivorian amateur pastry chef and food blogger: Moulaye Fanny.

{Interview in French}

Pictures of the Moul’tea time held in Abidjan on October 7th 2018

Many thanks to Hotel Tiama for welcoming us & Philippe Loret Studios for the great content as always.

You haven’t watched the 1st episode of Food’Story yet? It’s not too late: Available HERE.

Photo credit Moul'tea time: Afrofoodie

Photo credit Food’Story: Philippe Loret Studios

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