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I travel for food…Barcelona Edition ! Part I

When I travel, I travel for food…in Africa and in other parts of the world as well. In Summer 2018, I traveled to 3 cities in Spain and I had a blast. I kept all my notes in my phone and haven’t written any blog posts about my culinary experiences there until today.  ( Thank you, Mattie James! )

Barcelona, Valencia & Madrid were the 3 cities I visited but let’s start with Barcelona shall we 😉

I am big time planner. When I am preparing for a trip, I usually spent countless hours on Pinterest and Instagram. However, for this trip, I wanted to do things differently. Again, I had just survived writing my dissertation and I literally wanted to experience “slow travel” and discover this city one day at a time or should I say one bite at a time:

Here are the places I went to for food in Barcelona : 
Bo de B | Food in Barcelona 

I am typically not a huge fan of sandwiches but I had to taste the ones from Bo de B who are dubbed “the best sandwiches in Barcelona”. Don’t be fooled by the look of the restaurant, it’s basically a tiny sandwich and salad joint...so tiny that there is usually a line outside. As they say, they make sandwiches worth the wait that I totally recommend!

Bo de B | Food in Barcelona
La Colmena | Food in Barcelona 

La Colmena is one of the oldest cake shops in Barcelona…"sweetening the city since 1849”. It’s definitely a must stop for traditional Catalan sweets.

La Colmena
La Colmena
Casa Gispert | Food in Barcelona

Casa Gispert is one of the oldest food store in Barcelona and I fell in love with the place. Located in the Born neighborhood, it has this antique feel to it. It’s almost as if you are stepping back in time when you walk through the doors. Definitely a gem for all sorts of good foodie items…from dried fruits & nuts to organic products.

Cas Gispert
Casa Gispert
La Chinata | Food in Barcelona 

Interestingly enough on a typical trip, La Chinata wouldn’t be the type of places I would be looking for. It's a gourmet and grocery store that specializes in products made with extra-virgin olive oil. If you love olive oil or are just curious to learn more, La Chinata is THE place to visit.

La Chinata | Food in Barcelona
La Chinata
For a drink or two & a day at the beach: Vai Moana

A lovely beach shack with an awesome vibe. Perfect to spend a carefree day at the beach. I loved their coconut & chili mojito { Yes, you read it correctly ! } and I am sure you will as well!

Have you ever been to Barcelona? I would love to hear all about your foodie experiences!

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