My favorite places in Abidjan
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My favourite places in Abidjan {2017}

If you are wondering where to eat in Abidjan? I can definitely help you with that. I have been eating my way around the city for the past 6 years (only counting the blogging years of course) and these are my favourite places in Abidjan for each meal of the day.

{ This list has been written in 2017 and the updated version will soon be posted on the blog }

My favourite places in Abidjan for breakfast?

For breakfast, I usually head over to the “Comptoir des Artisans”, “Nougatine Patisserie Fine”, “Pistache & Chocolat”, or “La Maison du Chocolat Ivoirien”.

From a quick breakfast to brunch or anything in between, you will love all four places.

favourite places in Abidjan

My favourite places in Abidjan for lunch or dinner?

“Saakan” is my all-time favourite! I have never been disappointed and believe me I have been there numerous times. I absolutely recommend that restaurant if you are looking for mouth-watering African cuisine with a modern twist.

Other restaurants for African/Ivorian cuisine: “Chez Nicole”, “Le Banian”, “Chez Marcène” and “Le Pavillon” at Sofitel Abidjan Hotel Ivoire.

favourite places in Abidjan

Whenever I recommend a restaurant, my choices are based on quality and consistency. For both reasons, “La Taverne Romaine” (Italian), “Kaïten” (Japanese) & “Chez Jay’s” always make it to the list if you are looking for other type of cuisines.

Hungry for French cuisine? You can head over to “Le Jardin Gourmand” or “La Brasserie” at Sofitel Abidjan Hotel Ivoire.

favourite places in Abidjan

Cocktails, anyone?

I am always down for a good cocktail or two 😋and my favourite places are: “Kajazoma Art Concept” (only for their signature cocktail), “Cacao Lounge” at Sofitel Abidjan Hotel Ivoire and the Bar at the “Novotel” in Plateau.

For a cosy atmosphere, I may head over to the “TOA Esprit Lounge”, “Le Bar Blanc” or “Ché Café”.

favourite places in Abidjan

And on the weekends?

Staying in Abidjan over the weekend ? You must head over to “Miss Zahui” for an “Ivorian Brunch” (Attiéké & Fried Fish). It’s not a brunch per say, but I love to have it anywhere from 11ish to 1pm.

For more Ivorian food, I recommend “Chez Hélène” in the evenings, “Chez Amma Sawa” or “Chez Arthur”.

I love Lebanese cuisine and my favourite is “Restaurant Amounah”, a small spot in Zone 4. Once in a while, I love to indulge in seafood and for that I head over to “Restaurant La Langouste Chez Cakpo”.

favourite places in Abidjan

And last but not least, whenever I feel like having pizzas (which generally happens once a month or so), I have them delivered by “Pizza Doudou”, or I head over to “Restaurant Di Sorrento” or “Copa d’Elio”.

What are your favourite places in Abidjan? I would love to hear back from you 😄

favourite places in Abidjan

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