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Hungry for Ethiopian cuisine in Abidjan?

The restaurant scene in Abidjan is growing at such a fascinating pace. From the time I started blogging until today, I have seen numerous restaurants opening…and others closing. Brazilian, Thaï, Chinese you name it.

If you are hungry for Ethiopian cuisine in Abidjan and wondering where to find it ?  The answer is undoubtedly less obvious than if we were talking about French, Italian or even Japanese cuisine. However, Abidjan can boast in not having one but two Ethiopian spots for this very special and unique cuisine.

Gursha Abidjan

Pop-up restaurant launched in 2016, Gursha Abidjan was the first to introduce Ethiopian cuisine in the city. I personally loved the concept, but also the charming personalities of both ladies behind it. Switching locations all throughout Abidjan, you can expect an edition at least once every two months in restaurants, markets or even art galleries. If you don’t want to miss their next event ? Follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

Price point per person: 15 000 F CFA {22 Euros or $ 26}

Enjera Ethiopian Cuisine

Unlike Gursha Abidjan, the restaurant Enjera Ethiopian Cuisine which opened in 2017 has a fixed location in Deux-Plateaux. You can expect some of the main and famous Ethiopian dishes such as “Doro wot”: a rich chicken stew; “Key wot”: a spicy beef stew or “kitfo”: chopped ground beef with different seasonings.

The restaurant also offers three options of vegetarian dishes. No need to mention that all dishes are served with “Injera”: the traditional Ethiopian flatbread made from a grain called teff; it has a smooth and spongy texture.

Allow between 7000 F CFA to 10 000 FCA for one of the main dish {roughly 10-15 Euros and $12- $17}.

Telephone number : +225 45 29 37 51 | Facebook Page | Website

Having tasted the cuisines at both restaurants, I personally prefer Gursha Abidjan. Have you had the chance to try either one of them? or maybe both? What are your thoughts?

Hungry for Ethiopian cuisine in Abidjan ? | Abidjan Food by Afrofoodie

*Featured Image : Photo credit – Facebook Page Gursha Abidjan

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