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Where to eat in Grand-Bassam?

Grand-Bassam is the first capital of Côte d’Ivoire and definitely a touristic town. Located about 30-45 minutes away from Abidjan, this historical town has become a UNESCO World Heritage Cultural site in 2012.

During my childhood, my family and I used to go regularly to Grand-Bassam on Sundays. It was an outing I was always looking forward to. Hanging out with the cousins, aunties & my grand-mother was priceless. I am pretty sure that my love for the beach definitely started then & it grew even more over the years.

Food has always been an important part of these gatherings. We would either cook at home and bring the food {picnic style} or eat at one the resorts by the beach. Some of the resorts still exist and some don’t. Nevertheless, here are some of my favorites resorts to go to if you are looking for where to eat in Grand-Bassam :


Not in Grand-Bassam per say but on the way there, this resort is ideal for an outing with the kids. Water games, a pool and area specially designed for them with all sorts of other games, they will have a blast. The resort has multiple seating areas & the menu focuses on local delicacies although you could also have pizzas or salads. I definitely recommend for a quick getaway !

JARDINS D’EDEN | Where to eat in Grand-Bassam ?

Similarly to the previous resort, Jardins d’Eden is also on the way to Grand-Bassam. Both resorts are by the road usually on the right-hand side you can’t miss them. What should you expect on the menu? Variety of options…seafood, fish and meat dishes starting at 5000 CFA Francs & going up to 15 000 CFA Francs. Although the service was a little slow, the food was decent.

BOBLIN LA MER | Where to eat in Grand-Bassam ?

My go-to place for a quick delicious meal in Grand-Bassam. I had spent weekends there before as this resort has couple of rooms as well. Unlike many other resorts surrounding it, Boblin La Mer doesn’t have a pool which is unfortunate especially on hot & sunny days.


One of the oldest resort in Grand-Bassam if I am not mistaken. This resort has an original décor, tasty food with a local touch of course, many seating areas and rooms as well. The last time I went there was in 2017 and I can’t wait to go back!

Other places with very good feedback:





*This post will be updated with more information on the menus, cost of both the food and the rooms. 

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