Culinary trip to Barcelona
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I travel for Food…Barcelona Edition 🇪🇸 | Part II

It’s essential for me to eat like a local when I travel…I travel for food! My trip to Spain occurred 2 summers ago yet I am still reminiscing about its cuisine, the things I learned and the food I tasted.

Let’s continue our Culinary trip to Barcelona, shall we? If you missed Part I: Read HERE !

St Joseph Market | La Boqueria

I am a big fan of Food Markets and I always make it a point to visit at least one local food market while traveling. In the case of Barcelona, I visited two of them. The 1st one was St Joseph Market also known as La Boqueria. It’s one of the biggest tourist attraction of the city and of the best place to interact with locals. It’s full of life and I mean it. There is one downside: It’s always crowded.

Santa Catarina Market

Santa Catarina is the second market I visited & where I actually stayed a little longer. Unlike St Joseph, it’s not as famous and definitely not as crowded. The market houses over 100 stalls of fresh produce & delicious food. It’s at Santa Catarina that I tasted the famous “Jamón Ibérico: Spain’s renowned ham” for the first time.

Culinary trip to Barcelona
Culinary trip to Barcelona
La Campana

I have a sweet tooth and I couldn’t miss the opportunity of tasting the best nougat in the city at La Campana. From traditional nougats to truffled chocolate, La Campana is a must visit!

Churrería Laietana

I could not visit Spain without having at least once churros con chocolate. Okay, Okay…I will admit it I ate churros ALL THE TIME and in all three cities. Churrería Laietana is renowned to serve the best & crispiest churros in Barcelona. It’s a small café & a family business operating since 1962.  No need to say that I truly enjoyed this place!

Have you ever been to Barcelona? Which local treat was your favorite?

Culinary trip to Barcelona
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