Cheffe Allison Aidam

Taste of C么te d’Ivoire 馃嚚馃嚠 X Cheffe Allison

"Taste of鈥eries by Afrofoodie鈥 is a new series of video content aiming at promoting our African gastronomy and our rich culinary heritage in West Africa.

This culinary journey starts in C么te d'Ivoire, a country dear to my heart where I was born and raised but also a country with an infinite culinary wealth.聽聽

Then, we will fly to Senegal, the 鈥淟and of Teranga鈥 which is characterized by hospitality, generosity and warmth. In addition to the fact that I am also from this country, the beauty of its culture is unparalleled in every respect.聽

But I don't intend to stop there! There are indeed other countries in West Africa that I would like to visit, especially Cameroon and I can鈥檛 wait to take you along on this culinary adventure as well.聽

We will talk about pop culture and street food in particular, but we will also have a series of conversations about African gastronomy with talented young chefs, proud ambassadors of our cuisines around the world.

Cheffe Allison Aidam

This series of conversations honors women.

Whether they are Chefs, entrepreneurs in catering or owners of products "Made in C么te d'Ivoire", each has a story "a Food Story" that deserves to be shared.聽

After Dj茅n茅ba Ke茂ta, owner of Africaf茅, I am happy to introduce you to Cheffe Allison Aidam.

From politics to cooking...

Although her passion for cooking began when she was a child, nothing predestined Allison Aidam for a career as a chef!聽

However, after graduating from high school, she embraced this vocation and pursued several training courses, including two in the establishments of the legendary Paul Bocuse in France and the United States.聽

Cheffe Allison Aidam lives in Abidjan, C么te d鈥橧voire and is currently offering her services as a private chef. I won't say more and I'll let you watch the 2nd episode of Taste of C么te d'Ivoire.

This project is a collaboration with the narrative change non-profit organization Africa No Filter.

Just in case you missed it :

Cheffe Allison Aidam
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