An amazing culinary experience with Grace Emmanuella Houffouet!

An amazing culinary experience with Grace Houffouet!

An amazing culinary experience with Grace Emmanuella Houffouet!

One of the reason why I love blogging is the opportunity to connect with talented individuals with whom I share this passion for Food. Meeting with Chefs was and still is to date one of the highlights of my journey as a food blogger.

I had the opportunity to meet Grace Emmanuella Houffouet and I am delighted to announce that she will be the next guest of Food’Story: a series of video interviews featuring African food bloggers, chefs and content creators.

We will soon get to learn more about her background, her passion for gastronomy and her projects.

On Friday June 26th, Grace invited me to the 1st dinner she organized at Bushman Café in Abidjan. It was a 6 course-menu beautifully orchestrated by Grace: a real feast for the senses.

No need to say that it was an amazing culinary experience all together!

Have you ever attending a gastronomic dinner? If yes, how would you describe your experience?

Photo credit: Facebook account of Grace Emmanuella Houffouet 

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