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Item 13: My favorite food podcast !

Hi, my name is Yasmine and I have a confession: I didn’t start listening to podcasts until summer 2018. I had just finished working on my Master’s dissertation and I needed to do /learn/hear something that was not tourism related. I had read so much throughout the year that I had decided to take a break from reading as well and that’s how my love for podcasts started.

As you know, I live and breathe food and as one could have easily guessed my favorite podcast is a foodie one!

African Food Podcast | Yorm Tagoe Host of Item 13
Item 13 : An African food podcast!

When culinary entrepreneur Yorm Tagoe decided to launch Item 13 in 2018, it was essentially driven by 3 reasons:

  • She had noticed that very few podcasts were launched by Africans discussing relevant topics for Africans.
  • She also realized that there were no podcasts covering the world of African food.
  • As passionate as she is about promoting African food, she wanted to highlight all the Africanfoodpreneurs {as she likes to call us} as well as all the other people in the ecosystem as such bloggers and curators of dining experiences.
Why I do love it ? | Item 13 : An African Food Podcast

A bi-weekly podcast, Item 13 has enable me to broaden my knowledge about the diversity of complexity of the culinary heritage of our cuisines. In one episode, I will learn about Sudanese cuisine whereas in another the highlight will be on Nigerian, Ethiopian or Moroccan dishes and culinary traditions.

The podcast has been running for 3 seasons already and Yorm recently announced on Instagram that she is looking forward to recording the 4th one.

Some of my favorite episodes:

...and of course the episode I was featured on 😉 :

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  1. Wait! There are African food podcast! I had no idea!

    1. Afrofoodie says:

      Hello Nancy ! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 Yes, there are African Food Podcasts and I hope you got the chance to listen to one or two shows 🙂

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