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2 Women African Food Bloggers I admire !

Blogging is not dead! Let’s be clear about that! Although it’s a conversation that may come up again and again of whether or not social media has entirely replaced blogging; it’s important to recognize that there are still a lot of African food bloggers who produce quality content on a consistent basis.

Here are 2 of my favorites :

Kitchen Butterfly

Ozoz is the Food explorer & researcher behind the award winning blog “Kitchen Butterfly”. She is such a sweet woman with an amazing personality whom I had the pleasure of meeting and hosting on a food tour during her brief stay in Abidjan in November 2019. What I love about her platform is that it’s not JUST a food blog with every day recipes but it’s a celebration of Nigerian’s culture and cuisine. One thorough post after the other, Ozoz takes us on a journey as we navigate both through her researches and experimentations. I have learned so much & will continue to do so…as she has definitely become one of my favorite African food blogger.

*Credit cover picture : Ozoz - Kitchen Butterfly's blog

My African Food Map

Tulekah Prah is a filmmaker and blogger behind “My African Food Map”. I stumbled upon her website as I was doing research for my Master’s thesis on Culinary tourism. I could immediately relate to Tulekah and her mission as this was one of the main reason why I had gone back to Uni 10 years after my first degree: Exploring, Learning & showcasing Ivorian Food Culture to the world! Tulekah is set to explore the African continent one bit at a time and she has already visited Senegal, Ethiopia, South Africa, Ghana and Kenya. It seems as if she may have taken a break from her project as her last blog post dates back to September 2019. Nonetheless, I would love to meet her one day and why not collaborate with her as well.

Here are the 2 African Food Bloggers I admire & respect for the work & energy they invest in their platforms.

I am curious to know…who are your favorite African Food Bloggers and why?

*This post will be updated over time.

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  1. Hello Yasmine, thanks a lot for the interesting content. My name is Edgar R. Batte, a blogger, journalist and photographer from Kampala, Uganda. I am glad to be here. Keep it up.

    1. Afrofoodie says:

      Hello Edgar, thank you again for stopping by & for the kind support. Keep it up as well ! You have a nice platform.

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