Abidjan Cocktail Week 2023
Abidjan Cocktail Week, Abidjan Foodie Guide

Abidjan Cocktail Week 2023

I am finally launching the 1st edition of Abidjan Cocktail Week, my 2nd annual event right here in my hometown.

Life has taught me that not every project idea needs to be executed automatically. I remember addressing that subject much more in depth on the Podcast Create by Studios Rue 15. Interested in listening to my conversation with Melvine ? Click here ! 

I personally believe that it's all about timing & opportunities !

Yasmine Fofana : Abidjan Cocktail Week 2023

It took me : ⁣⁣

- 3 or 4 months to face my fears and launch "Le Journal d'une Foodie": the 1st food blog in Côte d'Ivoire in 2012 ;⁣⁣

- 3 years to initiate the 1st edition of Abidjan Restaurant Week in 2017;

- and finally now 6 years to launch the 1st edition of Abidjan Cocktail Week.⁣⁣

Abidjan Cocktail Week...

...will celebrate the cocktail (& mocktail) culture in Abidjan, showcase the creativity of our bartenders & barmaids and allow us to explore the local mixology scene. ⁣⁣

⁣⁣Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter on the event website to be among the first to know all about it !⁣⁣

Cheers !

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