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UNWTO’s Invitation to join a tour of African Gastronomy

As a proud advocate of Culinary Tourism also known as Gastronomy Tourism, I couldn’t be happier to read and to share one of the most recent UNWTO’s publication: A Tour of African Gastronomy.

Gastronomy has always been a topic of interest of the UNWTO. Indeed, among many other projects {i.e. Events, Meetings, Campaigns}, they have been:

  • Organizing the World Forum on Gastronomy Tourism since 2015;
  • Producing the Global Report on Food Tourism since 2012;
  • Producing the Guidelines for the Development of Gastronomy Tourism in 2019.

Over the years, “promoting the value of African gastronomy” has become a priority for the UNWTO as well as one of the “pillars of tourism development and competitiveness for the region” says Sandra Carvão (Director of Tourism Market Intelligence and Competitiveness at UNWTO) in the foreword.

This book is definitely a proof of it!

Traveling to Côte d’Ivoire | Traveling to Ivory Coast.
A Tour of African Gastronomy

What I love about this book?

It’s innovative.

I have conductive extensive research on African Gastronomy while writing my dissertation entitled “Culinary Tourism as a Tool for Destination Development in Côte d’Ivoire” back in 2018 and I haven’t come across any documents like this.

It’s comprehensive.

Although only 38 out of the 54 African nations are represented, this book gives an interesting glimpse of the richness and diversity of our cuisines and its local delicacies. I particularly enjoy the fact that it showcases its chefs through a brief yet attention-grabbing presentation.

It’s truly an introduction and an invitation to learn more…

For each country, there is a section on the Gastronomy musts, a presentation of a Chef as described above and a recipe. If it’s true that our Food Stories, culinary heritages and traditions cannot be contained in 96 pages, I believe it’s an appealing introduction and invitation to learn more.

As we are all hoping to #RestartTourism this year, I would like to invite all of you to virtually join this “Tour of African Gastronomy” prior to visiting the countries themselves. And of course, I would love to welcome you on a Food Tour during your visit to Côte d’Ivoire.

Enjoy the tour & Bon Appétit!

A Tour of African Gastronomy is available HERE ! 

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