Food'Story by Afrofoodie

Food’Story #1 : Prisca Gilbert

One of the reason why I love blogging is the opportunity to connect and engage with talented individuals with whom I share this passion for Food. Along this amazing journey, I had the chance to meet Chefs, bloggers, content creators or just culinary enthusiast whose stories were beyond inspiring and that's how Food'Story was born.

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From the very beginning, Food’Story was designed to be a video project : interviews with Chefs and Food Entrepreneurs passionate about anything food related. While searching its ideal format, Food'Story was launched in the form of text interviews and featured:

  • Kizi also known as Bouffista; she is a private chef, Food Blogger and Travel lover based in the US ;
  • Saran Koly; a talented lady passionate about culture and Editor-in-Chief of Fields Mag based in Burkina Faso ;
  • The dynamic duo behind the pop-up Ethiopian restaurant “Gursha Abidjan”.

Food'Story by Afrofoodie

In collaboration with Philippe Loret Studios, Food’Story as I originally wanted it was launched in May 2017.  This interview with Chef Prisca Gilbert marks the beginning of a series of Food'Stories and many other projects that are close to my heart.

Chef Prisca Gilbert is talented Chef, Businesswoman, mother of two with such a pleasant and engaging personality and here is her story.

Food'Story by Afrofoodie

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