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What鈥檚 your Food Story?

I started to think about this blog post after listening to Nigerian Food Explorer Ozoz Sokoh's聽Ted Talk entitled 鈥淛ourney by Plate鈥. She shared that before the age of 9 she didn鈥檛 like eating and thereafter how her relationship with food evolved over time. As I was listening to her, I couldn鈥檛 help but reflect on my own food story { Afrofoodie's Food Story } and its defining moments.


Sweet Childhood Memories & The Art of Communal Eating

For as long as I can remember, I had what I believe is a normal and healthy relationship with food. I used to love family gatherings where my cousins and I would eat together in a communal plate. Now if you have never eaten in such a way, let me walk you through it :

  • Food is generally served in a large and round platter
  • Although you may be seated on a table, children are usually installed on a mat on the floor
  • As you gather with the others around the meal, you have to ensure that you have washed your hands prior to that
  • As you are sitting sideways, you start eating in front of you {very important} with your right hand only.
  • If for example the meal consists of rice and meat/fish or chicken, it鈥檚 probably the oldest who divides it and allocates equally to everyone.
  • Towards the end of the meal, the eldest will leave one after the other until the only person left is the youngest and that used to be ME 馃構

Those moments are some of my sweetest childhood memories & the very beginning of my Food Story.

Afrofoodie's Food Story | International House Harrisburg
Afrofoodie's Food Story | International House Harrisburg
Transition into Adulthood & Living in an International House

At the age of 17, I basically lived in 3 countries鈥 had just completed the last year of my high school in Senegal, I returned to C么te d鈥橧voire the summer right after and in August I flew to the US to start off college.

After few months in Maryland, I moved to Pennsylvania more specifically Harrisburg and lived for 2 years in an International House. I loved every part of it. My roommate was Japanese, my very good friends were Vietnamese and Korean and I was always hanging out with people from Czech Republic, France and Honduras. An amazing experience all throughout.

Over the courses of time, I met people from all over the world鈥zbekistan to Zambia. In addition to meeting people and learning about their culture, what I enjoyed the most where those dinners we regularly held with everyone bringing a dish from their home countries.

It was the year of culinary first times: First time eating sushi, kimchi etc鈥ut most importantly it was those years of culinary discoveries that turned me into the foodie that I am today.

Afrofoodie's Food Story & A Culinary Tourism Enthusiast

Here I am 30 years later鈥n African Food Lover {= Afrofoodie } with international taste buds dedicated to promoting Culinary tourism in C么te d鈥橧voire and beyond ... after having launched the 1st food blog & 1st restaurant week of the country and soon launching the 1st food tour business of the country.

My Food Story has been incredible since its beginning and I firmly believe that the Best is yet to come!

I would love to hear from you鈥hat鈥檚 your Food Story?

Afrofoodie's Food Story | Abidjan Restaurant Week

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